1. WIN + C: Display the Windows Charms Bar, where you can perform search and change settings.
  2. WIN + D: Takes you to your desktop.
  3. WIN + M: Minimize all open apps.
  4. WIN + PAGE UP/ PAGE DOWN: Move between your two monitors when in dual display mode.
  5. WIN + SPACE BAR: Switch language.
  6. F11: Enter full-screen mode on your browser.
  7. CTRL + SHIFT + N: Create a new folder in current directory/ folder.
  8. CTRL + W: Close current tab.
  9. CTRL + SHIFT + T: Reopens last closed tab (works on most browsers).
  10. CTRL + B: Manage browser bookmarks.
  11. CTRL + Q: Close current application.
  12. CTRL + Z & CTRL + Y: Undo & Redo.
  13. CTRL + O: Open file.
  14. CTRL + R: Reload page.
  15. CTRL + 1-9: Switch between browser tabs, according to order of appearance (works on most browsers).
  16. ALT + TAB: Switch between open programs.
  17. CTRL + SHIFT + ESC: Display Task Manager.
  18. CTRL + MOUSE WHEEL: Make font size bigger or smaller.
  19. CTRL + -/+: Zoom in and out on page.
  20. CTRL + ENTER: In the internet browser URL field, use this combo to add “www.” and “.com” to the text you type.
  21. HOME (IN A TEXT FIELD): Move to beginning of line.
  22. END (IN A TEXT FIELD): Move to end of the line.
  23. HOME (ON ANY OPEN WINDOW): Go to the top of the current window.
  24. END (ON ANY OPEN WINDOW): Go to bottom of current window.
  25. SHIFT + DELETE: Erase file permanently.