[CES 2013] Case Scenario has taken the opportunity of CES 2013 to announced a design oriented mobile accessory known as the iPhone 5 Pantone Universe Bookcase. Needless to say, the name of this particular accessory gives the game away, catering to iPhone 5 owners who want something different and yet iconic and relevant to the times. Inspired by the iPad Bookcase, the new iPhone 5 cases will arrive in a couple of standing positions – making sure that it has got both landscape and portrait viewing angles covered.

It is said that Case Scenario went out of the way to ensure that the iPhone 5 Pantone Universe Bookcase was made with the best quality Nubuck material, helping achieve a careful balance between usability and protection. It has been developed along the way to be a response to the flip case. Those who are interested ought to be able to get their hands on the first set of cases in red Scarlet Sage and black Tap Shoe shades, retailing for $49.99. Expect additional color options to come your way for the Pantone Universe Bookcase sometime later this spring. CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE INFORMATION