July / August 2013 Trend Briefing TRENDS: REFRESHED

We’re often asked what is happening with previous trends. Here we take a look at five: where they are now, where they are headed, and the many opportunities they continue to offer.

SELLSUMERS: Will there be any consumers left NOT making some money on the side?
MATURIALISM: It’s a raw, transparent, mature world out there – time for brands to grow up or give up.
POINT & KNOW: Get ready for a POST-POINT & KNOW future.
ECO-SUPERIOR: Why even ‘carbon-neutral’ won’t cut it.
MADE FOR BRIC: And now let’s get busy with MADE FOR N11.

With examples from UNICEF Sweden, Airbnb, L’Occitane, Google, Hong Kong’s Zero Carbon Building, and many more…



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