GET YOUR BRAND GOING PLACES with branded luggage identification. Adding your logo to a luggage tag gives you brand repeat exposure and keeps track of suitcases and carry-on items. They are inexpensive, available in a myriad of colors and styles, and their giveaway potential is only as limited as your imagination.

I’M LOVING this fun summer tag with travel design. The glossy bright colors make it easy to spot my luggage. PLUS, there is a matching passport cover!
  • Take advantage of free message space by inserting your business card or special note into the luggage tag.
  • Add identity to packaging and gifts by using a luggage tag with your business card inserted in it.
  • Pair the luggage tag with a passport holder and add important travel information for your traveling clients.
  • Tag gym bags, totes, laptop computer bags, backpacks and more!