Promotional Apparel Industry’s Top 10 Best Dressed

“Fashion comes and goes but style is forever” –Coco Chanel. The famous words spoken by the inspirational Coco Chanel is a favorite quote of the stylish Sarah Merrill. Sarah is a Senior Account Manager for Mercury Promotions & Fulfillment and has a college degree in fashion. She is a self-proclaimed “classic” fashionista, but also mentions that she is a mixed of relaxed and glamour. Sarah’s sense of style is definitely influences by her grandmother, who she mentioned was most definitely a fashion icon, and her mother. Sarah says that, “I’m not a huge label junkie. I can wear something from Wal-Mart or from Louis Vuitton. I like things that are unique from different boutiques”. She also says that the thing she enjoys most about apparel is that, “every little thing about it changes the way you feel and look. The thing you put on in the morning directs your day”. Sarah, who is a big fan of Bella Apparel, speaks her mind and noted that when she gives someone her word she keeps it, which, translates into her wearing different apparel of her clients. “Fashion is unique to you, but a statement to everyone around you”

Wearables Magazine

Morgan Bailey